I am so thrilled that I discovered Dr. Erika Grace. After having a hysterectomy 5 years ago I have had severe pelvic, back and joint pain that I thought would never go away. Dr. Grace has compassionately educated me about my body, listened to my concerns, and worked with me to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a home exercise program that is easy for me to do and very effective. In a short period of time my pain has decreased immensely. I am feeling stronger every day and able to do many activities that I wasn't able to comfortably do in
the past.

Karen E.
Chapel Hill

I had a completely positive experience with Dr. Grace. It's been only a few weeks since my first visit and I feel better than I've felt in years, and I know how to avoid future recurrences of my problem. Thank you!

Nancy D
Chapel Hill

I have recommended Erika Grace to several people because she is easy to work with, she is a good motivator, and her office is very pleasant and in an easily accessible building. I feel that I am getting
the most up-to-date treatment and I am making great progress.

Mary B.