Patient Resources

Dr. Erika GraceDr. Erika Grace believes that the best way to help patients get better is to educate and empower them. Throughout the entire treatment process, women will learn how to make better dietary, behavioral and lifestyle choices to improve their condition and eliminate pain. This commitment to patient education doesn’t end with the first visit. In fact, Dr. Grace puts an emphasis on the importance of always asking questions and discussing your progress during follow-up visits.

This ongoing education process helps the doctor better understand your needs, and helps you make better choices to ensure your healing and wellness. This starts from the first visit, when you’ll have a chance to discuss your medical history with Dr. Grace, as well as answer questions that can help determine contributors to your pain or dysfunction.

Patients searching for help with their pelvic health in North Carolina can count on the extensive knowledge and experience of Dr. Grace to guide them through their treatment plan.