What to Expect

Searching for professional and caring help for pelvic health in North Carolina? Dr. Erika Grace offers top-of-the-line care for women experiencing a variety of pelvic-related health issues.

lobby_webBecause of her extensive experience and education, Dr. Grace is able to address a number of issues that plague women, including pain, incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. Her focus is not only on addressing the physical problems you’re experiencing, but also ensuring that you receive the proper information to establish healthier habits and make better lifestyle choices. This is especially important when dealing with chronic issues and to prevent certain conditions from returning later in life.

Dr. Grace offers supportive care in an environment that enhances self-esteem and does away with shame and discomfort. If you have been avoiding talking to a professional about your issues because you felt embarrassed about them, you will find a safe and caring environment at Dr. Grace’s office.