First Visit and Pelvic Health Evaluation

Your first visit offers Dr. Erika Grace, Dr. Carter, Dr. Moses, or Dr. Quinn a chance to learn more about your medical history, your symptoms, and your story in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that will reduce your pain or symptoms and maximize your health and function.

First Visit at Grace Pelvic

Symptoms and Medical History

Your doctor will take note of your medical issues during this first meeting, including any symptoms you’re experiencing, whether you had treatment before, and if anything needs urgent attention.

Preparing for the Appointment

Before you come to the appointment, it would be useful if you could spend some time writing down any symptoms you are experiencing, when they started (if you remember), and whether you can pinpoint any triggers, such as specific postures or activities. Write down any questions you might have as well.

During the Visit

Your doctor will perform a thorough examination to check for muscoloskeletal or neuromuscular issues that will need to be addressed during treatment. Depending on the issues discussed during the initial interview, the examination may include:

  • Assessment of the structure and alignment of the pelvis and tailbone/coccyx
  • Orthopedic assessment to check for low back or hip dysfunction
  • External examination of pelvic floor and pelvic girdle muscles, ligaments and soft tissues
  • Internal evaluation (optional – no stirrups or speculum, only one gloved examining finger) of pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance, as well as tissue quality, sensation, and the presence of pain or muscle spasm
  • Myofascial assessment of abdominal and pelvic muscles to identify possible adhesions and/or trigger points

Treatment Plan

Once the physical examination is complete, your doctor will sit down with you to discuss her findings and address any concerns you might have. She will also let you know what the suggested treatment plan includes and how often you should visit her office in order to address all the problems found.

In most cases, treatment requires anywhere from two to 10 treatment sessions lasting 45 minutes each. During the consultation, your doctor will help ease your mind regarding worries about the treatment or long-term expectations concerning your symptoms.

Putting You at Ease

During your first meeting, it’s important that you feel comfortable discussing your health concerns freely, no matter how sensitive they might be. This is key to truly understanding your needs and being able to determine the best course of action. You are always welcome to bring a close friend or family member along if you would like.

The rehabilitative services offered at Grace Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health in North Carolina are catered to women and men 16 years and older. In order to provide you with the best care possible, we focus on individualized treatment and education for resolution and independent management of your condition.

Remember: it’s important that you always understand what is going on with your body and how to deal with it, so never be afraid to ask questions!